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We help you shape and accelerate your B2B sales

Vision & Mission

We are convinced that a successful B2B sales process relies both on execution and vision. 

Execution is key and requires a huge amount of energy. Still, it is the 20% dedicated to the vision that generates 80% of the efficiency in execution.



Our mission: we help startups organise and structure their B2B sales vision to boost their business growth.

Our Services


Dedicated face-to-face coaching sessions to support startups on their specific challenges.

Practical Workshops

Collective workshops with small groups (5 to 10 projects) to mix theory, practice and cross-feedbacks.


Keynote sessions to share and explain how to build an efficient B2B sales strategy.

Our Parnerships :

Our Methodology

We have designed a methodology based on 5 steps.

We support startups on each to structure their B2B sales.

B2B sales methodology

From idea to scale-up

We support startups at every stage of their development : 



We help to design a B2B business model and to shape a dedicated sales strategy



We help to implement an efficient B2B sales process



We help to boost an existing B2B sales process: closing, recruitment, training, business intelligence, …

They trust us :

Case Studies :

Set-up a B2B offer from scratch

startup : marketplace

We built ana new B2B positioning in addition to the historical B2C business model.  After one year B2B revenue exceeded B2C revenue with closed deals in excess of 70K€.


Improve lead quality and closing rates

startup : legaltech

We set-up a detailed lead segmentation to identify the ones with the highest closing potential and build efficient outbound campaigns.

CRM set-up and implementation

startup : madtech

We implemented  and adapted a first CRM (Pipedrive on this mission) to manage the sales process : configuration of the contact basis, the sale funnels and the dashboards.

Recruit and train (sales rep.)

startup : marketplace

We supported the recruitment of a junior sales rep. (job desciption, CV selection, interviews) and his training during the first months. 

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We are in based in London & Paris.

Feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to know more about you!